A new UX-update will be installed to Cloudia Sourcing’s production in 25.3.2020. In the new update, we’re meant to unify the user interface and look of Cloudia products. Features will stay pretty much the same. 

Below you can view the most visible changes for the user.


Front page

Sourcing’s front page will be showing relevant data for the user.


User can add favorite requests if they so wish. You can set a request to be a favorite from request’s info page.


News and notifications can be found from front page’s bottom right corner. Admin users can add their own news to the front page from ‘Settings’- tab.



Search has been split into search folders which give fast access to requests in a specific status, as well as advanced search, where user can use search filters to find the wanted requests.


User can search for requests in many ways:

  • Request’s name or ID
  • Checkbox, which allows to search for user’s own requests
  • Using different filters
  • Combination of these 3 mentioned above


As an additional feature, basic- and admin users can now mass remove requests via checkboxes. User will just select the request they want to remove and then clicks the 3 dots to remove the selected requests.



Settings work the same way as before and changes are UI-based. New icons emphasize the features on the left side’s navigation bar and each feature has a short info text.


Creating a request

Textfields and selections in request creation are same as before. Changes have been made to UI and icons. Every tab in the request creation now includes infotext, which shortly explains that particular tab’s content.


Request creation is now possible from anywhere within the system by clicking ‘Create request’ button.


Preview and publish- tab include UI changes and now it shows more clearly if there’s mandatory information missing.


Request info pages

Info page changes are mostly UI-based. Just like with request creation, info pages also have infotext for every tab.


Other improvements

When creating a new request based on an old one, user will be asked whether they would like to bring old request’s attachments and links to the new request.


We’ve gone towards more user-friendly question management. Answered and unanswered questions have been more clearly separated.


Starting or editing evaluation table has been made clearer and more informative for the user.


User management

With the new UX-update, Sourcing will start using new user management, which users can access by clicking their own account name on the top right.