Admin-user has a possibility control criterion groups from criteria library. Users can save criterion groups from advanced RFQ-section Suitability requirements or Procurement object criteria. View instructions to sace ctriterion group here: Criteria library

In Criteria library section admin-user can add new criterion group and also edit and delete existing criterion groups.

Create a new criterion group

  1. Click " Create new criterion group"
  2. Add name to group
  3. Choose is the created criterion group suitability requirement or procurement object criteria
    • Save
  4. Add the desireded criteria by entering the text of the criterion in the field "add new criterion" and selecting the type for the criterion
    • Add wanted criterions
  5. SaveĀ 

Edit the existing group

  • Choose the group for editing
  • Click the group open from the title
  • Edit criterions
  • Save

Procurement object criteria