In the Company documents the administrator can add documents to the Home page (for example instructions). Documents can also be used as a library to add documents directly to RFQs. Added documents will list to the folder "My documents". 

Add a file

  • Choose "Add a file"
    • Add a file from your local computer or network
  • Edit the file settings
    • Click the function button from the end of the row
  • Remove the file
    • Click the red cross

Share document (*feature only available with organization structure -feature)

  • If another unit from your organisation has shared a document with you, it will show up on the shared folder:

  • When adding a document you can choose to share the document with other units of your organisation
    • Clicking "Share document" brings you to the "Sharing information with the organisation" page.
      • Select the document(s) you want to share and click "Next"

  • Search or select the unit you want to share the document with and share 
    • Document will then be available for a the selected organisation