Oganization can publish notifications for their own users or for suppliers. 

Add new

  • Date
  • Valid from (date)
  • Valid until (date)
  • Texts (In Finnish and/or English)
    • Title
    • Text
  • Add a file

  • Choose where the notifications will be published:
    • Supplier portal 
    • Sourcing home page
      • The users will see the notification as a part of the organizations notification widget.
  • Save - will save the notification but will not publish
  • Save and publish - will save and publish the notification

Edit the notification

  • Remove the notice from the red cross
  • Choose the function button from the end of the row to edit the notice
  • Remove notification from active notifications
    • if the notice is active, the action will remove it from where it is published
  • Create new basis on this
    • Will create a new draft as a copy of the chosen notification
  • Save and publish
    • Saves and pubslishes the notification