The following new functionalities were installed as part of the update:

New criteria

The next part of the user interface upgrade has been installed in Cloudia Sourcing that includes, but is not limited to, upgrades to the procurement objects, criteria and scoring defined for a scoring-based procurement, as well as upgrades to electronic auction, tender form and comparison. The changes made to the system are based on the customer feedback we have received.  

How will the reform affect the existing notices?

The reform will have no effect on notices that are in progress or have already been published. Regardless of the reform, these notices will proceed to the end of the entire call for tenders process using the current criteria, and their comparison is carried out using the current comparison table. The change will also have no effect on suppliers as far as these notices are concerned.

A more detailed listing of the changes is included in the article: Principal changes included in the reform of 27 November

Instructions for the upgrades will be released during December.

Home page and widgets

A home page has been added to Cloudia Sourcing on which you can create desktop views. You may add the desired widgets in the desktop view. All users will have the default desktop enabled when they log in for the first time (The default desktop contains 3 widgets: system notifications or notifications from Cloudia, the calls for tender last modified, and the most recent tenders).

In addition to the default desktop, the user may create other desktop views and select the desired widgets for them. The default desktop is user-specific, and users may set the desired desktop view as their personal default desktop. The following widgets are available for selection:  

  • System notifications
  • Notifications of the organisation
  • Documents of the organisation
  • RFQs last modified
  • Most recent tenders
  • Latest unanswered questions

Organizational Structure function in Cloudia Sourcing

* Feature subject to a separate order

Cloudia is proud to be first to market with the introduction of Organizational Structure to our Cloudia Sourcing service.
Organizational structure is designed for companies with more than one team conducting procurement, and enables a full customization for Cloudia Sourcing to better align your organization’s procurement function.  

With Cloudia Sourcing and Organizational Structure both in place each procurement team can operate individually and address their various procurement needs posed by e.g.  geographical location, local regulations or market situation.

Organizational Structure will benefit your organization by enabling instructions and knowledge sharing among procurement teams. Examples of information that will benefit procurement teams are e.g., best practices, RFQ templates, guidance or e.g., notice of market situation changes. Users can also always drill into individual sourcing projects and provide help or check on how a project is proceeding.
Organizational Structure also provides security in situations where there’s a need to keep sourcing information limited to personnel on a need-to-know basis. For example, only the procurement team working on RFX and tenders can see information related to purchasing. With Organizational Structure, all sourcing information will stay securely inside Cloudia Sourcing service so there is no risk of business-critical information leaks. Our Cloudia Sourcing database has been certified in line with Finnish Government Information Security guidelines so you can be sure  your data is securely stored.

With Organizational Structure it is even possible to create a trust bond with e.g. a consulting company which is part of a procurement project as a subject matter expert or for creating a whole RFX. When a trust bond is created with a consulting company, it will have all the functions of Cloudia Sourcing in use and can work as an internal member of sourcing team.
With all your documents and data always up-to-date and in one place for all users, emailing, storing and sending of sourcing documents among team members will no longer be needed, bringing big time savings for your teams.

Cloudia Sourcing and Organizational Structure will help your company gain savings through unified procurement practices and a company 360º view of your procurement function.
Please contact Cloudia sales for more info.

Other upgrades:

  • Tender details can only be viewed after the deadline for the submission of tenders has expired. This option is available in the ‘Procurement procedure’ section of a scoring-based procurement.
    • If you select ‘Yes’ in this section, tenders cannot be viewed until the notice deadline has expired. Sending a clarification request or opening the comparison table will also not be possible. If the double envelope procedure is also used in addition to this option, the user may view the qualitative criteria prior to the deadline and send a clarification request relating to qualitative criteria – the prices cannot be viewed.
    • If you select ‘No’ in this section, tenders can be viewed at any time in pdf format and in a comparison table. Additionally, clarification requests can be sent prior to the expiry of the deadline of the competitive tendering.
  • Double envelope procedure
    • When a scoring-based procurement is created, a selection can be made as to whether the double envelope procedure is to be used in the comparison stage. In the double envelope procedure, all other factors except the price will be compared in the first stage and only after that will price comparison be carried out. Click here for a more detailed description.
  • Opening document *additional functionality subject to a separate order
    • This selection can only be made in the ‘Procurement procedure’ section of a scoring-based procurement.
    • Then selected, the user must create an opening document upon closing of competitive tendering. However, this selection does not mean that the tenders cannot be viewed beforehand.
  • Upgrade in question management
    • By clicking the envelope button in the top-right corner or by selecting ‘Question management’ from the ‘Tools’ menu, you can proceed directly to question management to view the answered and unanswered questions in competitive tenderings. The link will jump to a listing of all competitive tenderings with questions. Clicking the desired competition will open the information page of the notice concerned on which the answering will take place.  
  • Checking of information related to the contractor's obligations and liability at the tender receipt stage *additional functionality subject to a separate order
    • Integration with the Reliable Partner service is available for Cloudia Sourcing. The statutory information related to the contractor's obligations and liability concerning a selected supplier can now be easily checked from the system. The information will be checked from the Reliable Partner service maintained by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. The user will not need separate credentials to the Tilaajavastuu service. The information will be retrieved using the Cloudia user credentials based on the tenderer's business identity code.
  • Processing of tenders with an active call for tenders
    • Tender clarification is now possible also in response to an active call for tenders
    • Opening a comparison table is now possible before the expiry of the deadline for the submission of tenders
  • Upgrades to the ‘Settings’ menu
    • The ‘Supplier Portal texts’ feature can be used for editing the pre-defined texts of the organisation on the Supplier Portal home page
    • The ‘Public holidays’ feature can be used for defining the desired public holidays in the system. This, in turn, can be used for purposes such as preventing electronic auction on public holidays.
    • In the ‘My profile’ section, users may change their password and manage their own contact details
  • Upgrades to the ‘Tools’ menu
    • Notifications
      • The administrator may create new notifications that can be published to a widget on the home page or to the Supplier Portal.
    • Contract award templates
      • The administrator may create predefined templates for contract award decisions which the users may utilise when they are preparing a contract award decision.
    • Company documents
      • The administrator may add documents to a widget on the system home page.
    • Question management
      • Direct link to the listing of active competitive tenderings with open questions
    • Reports
      • Allows downloading an Excel report on the duration of procurements or other procurement statistics
    • Criteria library
      • The view lists all saved criteria groups of the organisation, and the administrator may create, edit, delete and search for criteria groups from this view. If the organisation has a trust relationship with another unit, the sharing of criteria groups is also possible.
  • Upgrades to a non-scored competition
    • The general criteria and tender attachments have been combined into a single tab named ‘Suitability requirements’

More detailed instructions on the functionalities will be published in the support portal during December.