The Commission Implementing Regulation establishing the standard form for the European Single Procurement Document for contracts over the EU thresholds entered into force on 18 April 2016. The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) is a self-declaration prepared by companies or other economic operators regarding their financial status, abilities and suitability for a public procurement procedure. The purpose of the ESPD is to facilitate cross-border tendering by reducing the number of documents and forms required. Part of the information requested on the ESPD is mandatory, while part of it is optional.

The structured ESPD can be used in the Cloudia Tendering System from 30 December 2016. Using the structured ESPD functionality, the procuring entity can define, when drawing up a call for tender, which of the optional questions are asked from tenderers as part of the call for tenders. Tenderers answer the ESPD questions on an electronic form via the familiar supplier portal while completing the other information for their tender. Tenderers have access to their own ESPD profiles, which they can use to automate answering to the ESPD questions. Via the forms, tenderers can also send requests to their subcontractors to complete the ESPD. The procuring entity can view the tenderers’ ESPD answers while evaluating the tenders. Alternatively, the procuring entity can use the ESPD service provided by the European Commission or, during the transition period, forms available for download from Hilma.

The instructions for using the ESPD can be found in the Cloudia Tendering System’s support portal. The system also includes an online help and a link to the ESPD instructions prepared by the Commission. Cloudia’s customer support staff will assist administrators with technical questions related to the use of the system.

Early next year, we will organise three free-of-charge webinars on the ESPD and national forms, each lasting for two hours. For more information, go to the support portal.

Register for the webinars by sending an e-mail to The webinars will be held in finnish. 

The dates and times of the webinars are as follows:

10 January 2017, 9:00–11:00

17 January 2017, 13:00–15:00

24 January 2017, 13:00–15:00

Procuring entities are advised to inform tenderers of this change in order to minimise problems in the tender submission phase.